About Us

When your family chooses to engage with Schuler Educational Consulting, you are entering into a trust relationship. You trust us to learn about your student’s personal opportunity and provide unique counsel that guides this very important decision-making process.

Finding the right school is so important and it is critical to make sure your initial choice is the best choice. The impacts of transferring schools (both financially and psychologically) are tangible and highly disruptive to the student and family. When you consider the overall cost of college, an investment in a private consultant can help smooth the process, reduce stress and add quality to the decision.

In Northeast Florida, there are so many wonderful public and private high schools. Stanton, Paxon, Douglas Anderson, Ponte Vedra, Nease, Bolles, Episcopal, Bishop Kenny, Providence, the list goes on and on, but national data indicates that there is an average of one consultant for every 400 to over 1500 students in many of our schools.

A consultant at Schuler Education addresses this reality and provides the hands-on, custom support you need to find success in the college selection process. Plus, we provide a proven roadmap that includes updates on deadlines, required filings and other activities to keep the entire family focused and feeling less stress as the process unfolds.

Our Team

Tino Schuler

Co-Founder & CEO

Tino Schuler, Co-Founder & CEO

Tino is a professional member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) as well as a member of the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling (SACAC). Tino is also a member of the Board of Trustees at Knox College-his alma mater-where he chairs the Admissions & Financial Aid Committee and serves on the Campus Life & Athletics Committee.

After serving 26 years in the medical technology industry at various corporations, most recently Medtronic in Jacksonville, Tino and his wife Silke embarked on a path to help our youth select the perfect college for them to succeed in the changing global marketplace.

They were inspired to create Schuler Educational Consulting in part because of the success of the Schuler Scholar Program, a nonprofit that has supported, equipped and helped gain access to college for over 1500 low income and first-generation college-bound students in the Chicago area. Family is the most important thing to the Schulers, and they bring a commitment of personal service to your family’s search for the perfect college.

Silke Schuler

Co-Founder & President

Silke Schuler, Co-Founder & President

Silke was born and raised in Germany, however, after graduating from high school in Germany and before “crossing the pond” to attend college in the United States, she took a Gap Year. During that year she worked as an au pair in France and deepened her knowledge of French and English enrolling in intensive language courses abroad. Silke received her BA in international studies from Long Island University and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

After working for the United Nations and in banking in New York, she held marketing positions in the medical device industry with Stryker Instruments and Johnson & Johnson. Silke is passionate about international exchange as well as mentoring young people and most recently supported host families and mentored au pairs for a US based au pair agency.

These diverse experiences helped shape Silke’s worldview about the power of education to create a positive impact for every family. She understands every child has a unique college opportunity and helps guide them to success as they select just the right school.

Together, Tino and Silke combine their business, community and family leadership roles to deliver just the right services for the college selection journey and help our youth select the perfect place for them to succeed in the changing global marketplace.

The Right Fit

Your Bridge to College ™

At Schuler, we have developed a unique process that helps:

  • Facilitate discussion to identify hopes, dreams and possible futures for all of our students
  • Recommend high school extracurricular activities that will be beneficial within the application process
  • Review the family financial situation and identify opportunities for scholarships and financial aid
  • Develop a targeted list of prioritized schools that includes a small array of diverse choices
  • Create list of activities and due dates that will relieve family stress and keep the process on track, every day
  • Assist with the development of applications, essays and financial aid documents
  • Review and advise on the visitation and selection process until the right college is locked in
<p><b>At Schuler, we have developed a unique process that helps:</b></p>
<li>Facilitate discussion to identify hopes, dreams and possible futures for all of our students</li>
<li>Recommend high school extracurricular activities that will be beneficial within the application process</li>
<li>Review the family financial situation and identify opportunities for scholarships and financial aid</li>
<li>Develop a targeted list of prioritized schools that includes a small array of diverse choices</li>
<li>Create list of activities and due dates that will relieve family stress and keep the process on track, every day</li>
<li>Assist with the development of applications, essays and financial aid documents</li>
<li>Review and advise on the visitation and selection process until the right college is locked in</li>


Why should families work with Independent College Consultants?
The main reason to hire a consultant is individualized attention. A consultant will take much of the stress out of the process and be an objective, third-party, helping a family through this journey.
What does Schuler Educational Consulting do to stay up to date on higher education?
Tino is a professional member and Silke is an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA - www.iecaonline.com). We attend two national conferences per year to hear key updates regarding all aspects of college admissions. Additionally, we visit 20 - 30 campuses annually to enhance our in depth understanding of all types of colleges.
When is the optimal time to begin with Schuler Educational Consulting?
The best time to begin is during Junior year.
Do you take new students who are Seniors?
Yes, we do, however, the workload is the same, just condensed into a much shorter time frame.
Do you work with students long distance?
Yes, we work with both US and internationally based students via Zoom or Skype.
Could you list key areas you work on with students Junior and Senior year?
Junior Year
In depth session to really get to know student, discuss academic and extracurricular progress and identify opportunities for growth, FAFSA overview and financial discussion with parents, YouScience aptitude assessment, build strong professional resume, put together standardized testing plan, create initial college list, explore potential scholarship opportunities, create college visit strategy, identify and approach teacher recommendation candidates.
College essay brainstorming workshop, refine college list, plan to visit at least 2-3 campuses, work with students on initial essay.
Senior Year
Application process overview, finalization of Common Application essay, discuss application strategies, apply to schools on final list, plan final visit to key colleges, work on and finish all supplemental essays, interview preparation, assess college offers, "How to succeed in college" session.

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I enjoyed working with Tino to prepare my college applications and to prepare for my college experience. Not only did he keep me on track with writing my essays, but he encouraged me to work and edit them multiple times, ensuring that I presented my best work possible. Tino was extremely helpful in this overwhelming process, he made the steps simple and easy, making sure I was calm and on track the entire time.

Student, University of Florida, Class of 2024

When I was going through the college process, I thought I knew what I wanted… I did not. Without the help of Schuler Education, I would not be at the school, that I love, today. The guidance that both my mom and I received from Mr. Schuler encouraged us to look away from just the name of the school and instead focus on what the school offers. I am so grateful for all of his help!

Student, University of Denver, Class of 2023

When I began working with Schuler Educational Consulting, I was introduced to a variety of schools that were truly a great fit for me. Tino helped me solidify the aspects of college that were important to me and led me to my dream school. As an aspiring collegiate student-athlete for diving, Tino helped me connect with numerous college coaches and find a school with balance between athletics and academics. Schuler Educational Consulting also offered great insight into the student-life at each university, identified the unique aspects of each school, and offered their own thoughtful perspectives, making the process efficient and enjoyable. Thanks to Schuler Educational Consulting, I found clarity and hope throughout my college process and I couldn’t be happier with where I am today.

Student, Kenyon College Class of 2024

Tino’s guidance was paramount in getting us from nowhere to a successful placement, and therefore we highly recommend Schuler Educational Consulting.

Parent, Nease High School Class of 2020

Schuler encouraged our daughter to apply to twelve schools. She was accepted at all of them! She received merit aid awards at eleven of the twelve, with half of them being quite substantial. Her college has received coverage recently in The Wall Street Journal. She is currently a freshman and she’s comfortable and happy there. To top it off, we giggle when we write our tuition checks to her school. We pay for her private school what friends are paying for Florida state schools—even with Bright Futures factored in!

Parent, Ponte Vedra High School Class of 2020

We are absolutely thrilled with Schuler Educational Consulting. They have given both of my kids one-on-one, personally-tailored advice. (Neither child had a proposed school in common with the other.) I have recommended this service to friends and they are happy, as well. I cannot say enough about how well they have served my children and how they made this process (almost) stress-free.

Parent, Ponte Vedra High School, Class of 2018 and 2020

We have used Schuler Educational Consultants for our two children and are seeing similar success for them both! It can give one pause to consider paying for help with this process, especially when paying for applications, study services and testing—not to mention impending tuition, housing, books, fees and travel expenses—but we are so glad we did. Both kids are receiving merit aid awards well in excess of what we have paid for the service. A huge plus is that the process was so much less stressful than it could have been.

Parent, Ponte Vedra High School, Class of 2020 and 2021

Working with the Schulers has been a wonderful experience for us. We have worked with them with two of our children. Tino does a wonderful job of guiding the kids through their college search and their requirements. He is also very helpful supporting students during their brainstorming and writing their college essays. We highly recommend Schuler Education to anyone who is considering their services.

Parent, Managua, Nicaragua, Class of 2018 and 2020

Tino and Silke listened to what was important to our daughter in a college, recommended several “good fits”, we toured, and our daughter fell in love. It was everything she wanted. We would never have known about this university’s incredible program had the Schuler team not suggested it. Thank you Tino and Silke for all of your assistance in this process.

Parent of Providence School Student, Class of 2019

Tino spent the time to get to know our son and what he is like as a person and, consequently, built a relationship of trust, candor and open communication with him. He was then able to help him identify goals and put a strategy into place to help him navigate the daunting (and occasionally overwhelming) college application and preparation process. He ended up getting into his top choice school, which was also the one that was the right fit for him. We could not have done this without Tino’s help. I would recommend Schuler Educational Consulting to everyone.

Parent of Stanton College Prep Student, Class of 2019