Dec 18, 2021

Common College Admissions Myths

Common College Admissions Myths

In today’s blog post, we thought it might be helpful to share a few of the commonly asked questions we get at Schuler Educational Consulting. These could also be labeled as the most common myths that families perceive to be true, but in most cases are false. Shedding some light on these myths should help students and their parents in broadening their focus on the list of college options and the right things to consider throughout the admissions process.

Here are the top 7 we typically hear in our mission to educate families on the truth.

  1. “Private colleges are more expensive to attend than public colleges.”
  2. “The more activities I have on my resume, the better I will look.”
  3. “Only students with high GPA’s receive merit aid/scholarships.”
  4. “Only families who have demonstrated need should fill out the FAFSA.”
  5.  “Freshman year grades in high school don’t count toward college admissions.”
  6. “The coach says they want me, so I’m guaranteed an acceptance.”
  7. “The goal of the college search process is to get in the “best”, most “select” school or my life is over.”

There are numerous other falsehoods that families hear all the time. Working with professionals in the admissions journey can help you maneuver throughout the process with peace of mind. After all, knowledge is the key to success in so many things we do every day.