Oct 12, 2021

College Ranking Season Is Upon Us

College Ranking Season Is Upon Us

Over the last few weeks, multiple sources have released their latest list of best colleges in the US. We thought we would share links to a few of them as well as make some comments regarding the value of these rankings.

The most important thing to know about each set of rankings is that each group uses a different set of metrics and criteria to create their lists. Some are heavily weighted towards admissions selectivity or SAT scores or Affordability or Post Graduate Outcomes. So, we suggest that families take their time to familiarize themselves with each list and how it was composed. We also think it is wise to look at multiple lists.

Finally, do not base all of your decision-making on colleges that are right for you based solely on the rankings. There is no substitute for actually visiting campuses either in person (preferred) or virtually. Form your own opinion, don’t rely on the so-called “experts”. At Schuler Educational Consulting, we preach the idea of “FIT” and spend an inordinate amount of time working with each student to help them find that place that will allow them to thrive, develop, and set themselves up for future success. That is not accomplished by a rankings list. However, they do make for good reading and share information on numerous colleges.

Here are links to a few of the recent lists: