Customized Services

Schuler Educational Consulting’s proprietary process is customized for every student and family. Learn more about how we can serve you.


Getting to know you

  • Facilitate an initial family meeting to discuss academic, financial, social and geographic considerations
  • Provide an overview of the college search process and Schuler Educational Consulting’s process and services
  • Evaluate and assess transcripts, test scores, recommendations and other existing information
  • Articulate activities and accomplishments both inside and outside of school
  • Identify student interests, dreams and goals for college and the future



Beginning the process

  • Discuss possible majors and careers based on student interests and experiences
  • Benefit from the learnings of our insightful aptitude evaluation process to identify hidden strengths and opportunities
  • Assist in the development of a clear student resume/personal statement
  • Guidance on participation in additional extracurricular activities in high school
  • Develop a plan for high school course selection and standardized test-taking
  • Establish and agree to an initial outline and timeline for the college selection process



Creating the plan

  • Develop an initial list of schools based on student goals, needs, talent and aspirations
  • Establish priorities that include geographic, academic and social considerations
  • Detailed discussion and guidance on finances, including family situation, financial aid, and scholarship availability



Finding the Right Fit

  • Using our proprietary process, we help create a targeted list of schools considering programs, financial considerations, size, location, school requirements and student aspirations
  • This personalized list of schools forms the basis for the search and selection process
  • Based on the schools on the list, we will finalize the search timeline, with emphasis on application, financial aid and other deadlines
  • Assistance with application completion, interview preparation, essay writing and collecting letters of recommendation, and guidance on packaging all information
  • Ease the process and reduce stress as we take away the pressures of deadlines and information overload, and provide objective feedback to your student
  • Advice  on the process for the timing and quantity of college visits
  • Review acceptance choices and discuss school strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, focusing on financial, social and academic needs… including longer-term student goals



Making the decision

  • We will continue to stay in contact with college admissions personnel throughout the decision-making process
  • Discussion with the entire family about the final college selection
  • Advise on courses of study, selecting a major, getting involved on campus and other student integration at the school of choice
  • As your Bridge to College™, we will help identify positive summer activities and meet with the entire family before school starts to share important factors to ensure a successful transition


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