Find Your Right Fit

Our children often do not have access to the hands-on guidance needed to facilitate their college selection journey.


At Schuler, we have developed a proprietary process that helps:

  • Facilitate discussion to identify hopes, dreams and possible futures for all of our students
  • Recommend high school extracurricular activities that will be beneficial within the application process
  • Review the family financial situation and identify opportunities for scholarships and financial aid
  • Develop a targeted list of prioritized schools that includes a small array of diverse choices
  • Create a master spreadsheet of activities and due dates that will relieve family stress and keep the process on track, every day
  • Assist with the development of applications, essays and financial aid documents
  • Review and advise on the visitation and selection process until the right college is locked in




We will make sure that we discuss with your family the best college options available, always taking into account the academic, financial and social components that create success.


How do we make sure you will find a school your student will love? By identifying a list of schools whose geography, size, programs, requirements, community, and other factors feel right. We will help you develop not only the final cohort of prioritized schools but also the original list of qualities that match up with student and family wishes.


By helping develop a set of schools that are aspirational… inspirational… and on-target with your desires, we help guide parents and students to a school that will fit just right. The best answer may be a private or public college, small or large, technical or liberal arts-focused. Working with you, we help determine what will provide the best chance for success.

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